Venture incubation and partner support

Frux has an incubator and support program for our internal ventures and selects external partner companies. We help early-stage ventures, and more mature businesses, grow into significant and sustainable businesses. Whether it’s additional capital, market insight, technology development, or strategic commercial support, we provide a flexible engagement model that ensures each company gets the right support at the right time from seasoned industry experts.

Award Winning


Unlike other incubators that adopt a cookie-cutter approach to all ventures, we don’t demand a fixed amount of equity from external companies we accept into our program. We tailor our program to meet the individual needs of each venture, which could mean we take an equity position, royalty agreement, or service agreement. It all depends on what is in our best mutual interest.


Our focus with all ventures is to be driven by market pull rather than technology push. We seed, explore and grow early-stage ventures around strong market insight and a rapid time-to-market approach. This allows us to quickly generate an MVP and establish early customers to maximize the enterprise value in each business.


Our global commercialization team has a strong track record in helping companies develop and execute a successful commercial strategy. Our global team is experienced in:

Business planning Pricing and channel strategy Branding and marketing,

Capital raising Defining the right product-market fit, and Product concept development.


All companies that join our program get access to our world-class Business development, digital and Support capabilities. We have a team of certified and qualified engineers, software developers, and industrial designers, who are both technically gifted and commercially focused.

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