Product Selection Framework

Stage 1 Selection

Expression of Interest
Sign of MOU and NDA

Stage 2 Pre-Incubator

Market Identification
Market Analysis
Competitions Analysis
Marketing and Pricing Strategies

Stage 3 Incubator

Channel Strategy
Partner Identification
Commercial Modelling
Agreement and Contract

Stage 4 Go-To-Market

Partner Recruitment
Marketing and Branding
Partner Enablement
Local Suppport

Channel optimization Framework

Where Do You Stand?

Evaluates your channel structure and operation.
Compares to industry and technology baselines

What is Profitability?

Calculates total cost of partnership.
Identifies critical investment requirement
Map ROI paths for Partners
Provides a baseline for performance measurement

Who Are The Partners?

Catalogs partners based on structure composition.
Market coverage heat map and gap analysis
Segmentation planning
Capacity and resource planning

What Is The Plan?

Plots partner aspirations convert to goals.
Self Assessment for aligning resources.
Business planning.
Performance Management

All-in-one Channel Management